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One of the most stressful bits of house buying is the conveyancing process, where the ownership of the property has to be legally transferred from the current owner to the buyer. If you're a first time home buyer, you'll find that you will need a competent conveyancing solicitor to get this process sorted on your behalf.

When instructing a conveyancer, we encourage you to look for someone you can fully rely on to diligently get things done for you. The process involves a lot of paperwork, tasks to accomplish, and people to deal with. Without an expert working on this for you, you're likely to end up frustrated with the delays and complex issues.

Moreover, a conveyancer is well versed with what happens in a property transaction, hence, you can expect them to give you proper advice in terms of how much the entire thing could cost you.

Since conveyancing is a sensitive process, it's crucial that you instruct a solicitor who is well versed and familiar with its ins and outs. Take note of the following things that you should factor in when looking for a conveyancer to instruct.


Ask your friends and family if they have recently worked with a conveyancing solicitor. Have them talk to you about their experience and how the conveyancer carried out the process for them.

Online Search

The Internet has become a really brilliant venue to shop around. Conveyancing firms and independent practitioners have taken advantage of this perk, so you are at an advantage of finding several of them to choose from. When looking for conveyancing online, always keep this one in mind: the firm or solicitor should be an accredited member of the Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme to make sure that they do their jobs in the highest standards of compliance and quality.

Price Quotes

Always be keen on what the conveyancers charge. To be certain, request for a quote from different conveyancers and compare them. This will help you set a budget for the process. Make sure that the quotes you receive will contain the basic conveyancing fees and complete disbursement details.


While it's alright to hire a large firm for your transaction, make proper enquiries as to how they work on their cases. If you think that a large firm is swamped with too many cases that yours may be overlooked, look for something else. Find a conveyancer who has enough skills and familiarity with the process as such could ensure that all issues will be addressed as your transaction moves towards completion.


Look for a conveyancer who has a great amount of knowledge in the local laws and property transaction regulations, to be sure you're given proper advice if a problem arises. A knowledgeable conveyancer will take care of these bumps ob the road for you, while making sure you're still within your expected timeline.


Be sure to hire a conveyancer who will not keep you in the dark in terms of what's happening to your case. Consider someone who has an efficient communication method in place to keep you updated - be it via SMS, phone calls, emails, or a website update facility. This is important as you need to know if you're nearing completion or you need to bring in more documents to accomplish certain tasks.